Standing Spray: Saying Goodbye with Style

A standing spray is a common floral arrangement used to pay tribute during a funeral or memorial service. These arrangements are placed on an easel, typically near the casket or at the entrance of the ceremony. For creating a striking and meaningful display, it is important to select the flowers, greenery, and other pieces of the spray carefully to give it dimension and depth.

Choose the Right Flowers

When planning a standing spray, it is essential to select the optimal flowers. Please consider the recipient and pick out blossoms that reference them in some way, either through personal connections or through representing their tastes. Additionally, ensure the flowers chosen are in season and easy to acquire.

To make the standing spray appear more dynamic, select a mixture of long and small flowers in varying colors and forms. For instance, snapdragons or delphiniums can be set up in the center or rear of the arrangement to give it height and support. Then, can roses or carnations be added in the front to make it look more abundant and luxurious? Additionally, incorporating various colors and shapes can help make the spray more interesting and visually complex.

Use Greenery

In addition to flowers, other plants can be used to add depth to a standing spray. It is important to pick greenery complementary to your chosen flowers that have a subdued, natural appearance. Popular choices of plants for standing sprays include ferns, ivy, and eucalyptus. Position the greenery around the sides of the spray or position it to fill any spaces between the flowers. It will help to achieve a more natural and symmetrical design.

Incorporate Other Elements

In addition to flowers, other items like ribbons, bows, or fruits can be utilized to make the standing spray more engaging. These items can enhance texture and color and attract attention to the spray. It is possible to incorporate ribbons or bows in a significant hue, such as a preferred shade of the person being commemorated, or include fruit, like lemons or limes, to provide a one-of-a-kind touch.

Arrange the Flowers

After selecting the flowers, plants, and other components, it is time to assemble the spray. Start by putting the tallest blooms in the middle or rear of the spray, space them evenly, and have them facing up. Then, fill in the gaps around the big flowers with smaller blooms and foliage, making sure to vary the height and position of every item. To add depth to the spray, arrange the flowers so that some point upwards, others outwards or downwards. It will make a more dynamic and attractive arrangement. Consider the general form and design when arranging the spray, creating a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Final Touches

After arranging the spray, put the finishing touches using colorful ribbons or bows. Include a sympathy card or a heartfelt message, such as a meaningful quote or poem.

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