How To Get Rid Of Ground Moles With Vinegar

Are you tired of dealing with ground moles in your yard, destroying your lawn and plants? You are not alone. Ground moles are pesky and persistent, but luckily there are natural home remedies that can help you get rid of them.

Using vinegar, castor oil, and other common household items, you can take the fight to these critters and finally get the mole-free yard you hve been dreaming of.

Read on to learn more about how to naturally get rid of ground moles in your yard and reclaim your space.

What Are Ground Moles?

Ground moles are small mammals that live in the soil. They are similar to rabbits, but they have longer ears and a shorter tail. They eat roots and other plants that are underground. Moles are around 6 inches long, have a brown or grey coat, and a dark line that runs from their head down their back.

Their fur is soft and velvety to the touch, and they are seldom seen above ground, living instead in underground tunnels. Ground moles are herbivores, feeding on roots, tubers, and bulbs. They tend to thrive in lawns, gardens, and farmlands, making them a common nuisance in suburban and rural areas.

What Damage Can Ground Moles Do?

Ground moles can do a lot of damage to your yard, lawn, and garden. They can destroy flowers and plants, eat bulbs, and tunnel under your lawn and landscaping, causing it to sink. They can also damage your garden tools, as they are known to chew on them, as well as your gardening gloves.

Ground moles are known to eat a variety of vegetables, including carrots and potatoes, as well as fruit, like blueberries, peaches, apples, and strawberries. They can also eat the root crops that people rely on for food and nutrition, like potatoes and carrots. Because they can eat a variety of foods, ground moles can be a problem for gardeners and farmers of all kinds.

Benefits of Using Natural Home Remedies Against Ground Moles

Natural remedies are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your family, pets, or the environment being harmed by them.

Natural remedies are often cheaper than pesticides, making them a more economical option. Many natural remedies are also easy to find. You probably have the necessary ingredients in your pantry already.

While pesticides are meant to kill moles, they also pose a risk to your family, pets, and the environment. If a child or pet comes into contact with pesticides sprayed around the yard, they can be harmed by them.

Pesticides are also harmful to pollinators, like bees, and other beneficial insects, which can have a negative impact on your garden, as well.

How To Use Vinegar To Get Rid Of Ground Moles?

Vinegar is one of the best natural home remedies for getting rid of ground moles. You can make ground mole trap using vinegar that will quickly and effectively get rid of moles in your yard.

First, you need a plastic bottle, like a 2-liter soda bottle, with the cap screwed on tightly. Then you will need one cup of vinegar and one cup of water. After you will need a funnel. Using the funnel, pour the vinegar and water mixture into the plastic bottle, making sure that it is full and then replace the cap of the bottle with the funnel. The mixture will need to sit overnight before you use it.

Next day, put the funnel in the ground mole trap and pour the mixture into the funnel. The mole will be attracted to the scent of the vinegar, climb the funnel, and fall into the bottle where it will drown. Using vinegar is a great way to get rid of ground moles in your yard and gardens. It is effective, inexpensive, and easy to make.

How To Use Castor Oil To Get Rid Of Ground Moles?

Castor oil is another great natural home remedy for getting rid of ground moles. You can make a castor oil mole trap to trap moles in your yard.

To catch a mole take a bucket or a large, clean container, like a pot. Next, you will need a couple of cups of castor oil. Then, put the bucket or container in the mole tunnel and wait for a mole to climb in bucket.

Once a mole has been caugh, you can release it in an area away from your home, garden, and lawn to prevent other moles from trying to take over. Castor oil is highly toxic to ground moles and will kill them quickly, humanely, and effectively.

Other Natural Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Ground Moles

Try sprinkling cayenne pepper around your garden and yard. Ground moles are sensitive to the spice and its fiery heat, so they will quickly try to find a new home. Look for plants that repel ground moles, like castor bean plants or tansy.

You can also use natural home remedies like orange peel, peppermint oil, or even coffee grounds to repel ground moles in your yard. While ground moles will probably not be too keen to take a sip of coffee, these items are strong enough to smell and taste them, keeping them out of your yard and garden.

Final Words: Tips for Preventing Ground Moles From Returning

If you do manage to get rid of ground moles in your yard, you don’t have to worry about them coming back. Ground moles are not particularly migratory and will stay in the same area their entire lives.

Keep your lawn well-maintained. Overgrown and unkempt lawns are perfect ground mole habitat, so keeping your lawn healthy and well-manicured will help keep them out.

You should also try to avoid fertilizing your lawn in the spring and summer when ground moles are most active. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring and summer will encourage your lawn to grow too quickly and provide ground moles with the perfect habitat.

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