479 Area Code: Guide to Understanding Your Geographical Location

Have you ever wondered why a particular area has a unique set of numbers attached to it? Have you ever wondered why you have to dial a certain code before making a call? Well area codes are the answers to all these questions.

They are the three-digit numbers that help identify the geographic location of a particular area. By understanding the what, why, and how of area codes, you can gain a better perspective on the geographic region in which you are located.

Area codes help determine the location of emergency services and provide a clear indicator of the area from which a call is made or received. They also enable efficient routing of phone calls around the world.

With the help of area codes, you can quickly identify the area you are calling or receiving a call from. Understanding area codes can help you better understand your geographic location.

What are area codes?

Area codes are the three-digit numbers used to identify the geographic location of a particular region. These numbers are also known as the NXX code. The NXX code is used to represent “exchange”

An exchange is a general term that refers to the telephone number assigned to two or more users. The first two digits of the NXX code represent the region or area code. The last number of the code is the “head office code” or “local exchange”

Each area code is designed to serve a specific set of users. You can identify the geographic location of an area code by looking at the first two digits of the NXX code. There are around 1,000 area codes present in the United States. Different area codes are tied to different geographic locations.

Benefits of using area codes

• Call routing can be made more efficient with your assistance.

• This helps determine where a call is coming from or is being made.

• Using area codes, the caller or recipient can determine where they are on the map.

• Emergency services can provide precise location information to callers using area codes.

• It is possible to route phone calls around the world more efficiently using area codes.

• Regions can be identified by their area codes.

Where is the 479 area code?

The area code 479 belongs to the state of Arkansas in the United States. The main city covered by the 479 area code is Fort Smith, and it encompasses several major cities, including Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Greenwood, Rogers, Bella Vista, etc.

What are the differences between local and free area codes?

Local area codes are used to make calls within the same area or state. On the other hand, free area codes are used for long distance calls. Local calls are free as long as the person making the call is in the same state or within the local calling area.

Free calls are free even if the call is long distance. Local calls have a nominal charge. Toll-free numbers have the prefix 800, 855 or 877. Local calls are charged a nominal fee for a single call. Long distance calls are charged based on the distance between the location of the call and the location of the person being called.


Area codes are a necessity in any phone system. They are basically a way of organizing the country by dividing it into small, manageable parts. They allow people to easily identify which phone number is being dialed.

Unfortunately, area codes are becoming scarcer. This has caused problems for both businesses and consumers. Area code depletion will only get worse as the Baby Boomer generation begins to retire and pass away. To solve this problem, the government needs to create more area codes.

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